My Loan is a digital loan from Chase

It is with great pride that on this page we can present my loan, which is the digital bank loan from Chase. Here you have the opportunity to apply to borrow money for just what you dream of. No one interferes with how you spend the money when you record payday loan. The entire setup is knit efficiently so you can expect answers to your loan application within just 24 hours- home url.

Borrowing costs

With My Loan, the interest rate is the same for everyone and is looking for one of the lowest available on the market. We have chosen to make an example that you choose to loan 30,000 kroner, which you will pay back over 48 months. Here, your monthly payment will be SEK 754 and your total credit cost will be DKK 6,164. This means that the total amount to be repaid is DKK 36,164. only 9.90%. To be approved for a My Loan, you must go through a standard credit rating with Chase’s applicable policies. It is also a prerequisite that the payment is registered and takes place via Betsservice.

Payment of My Loan

Once you have received approval of your loan application and signed the agreement, Chase will transfer the money you have borrowed to your NemKonto the same day. The money will be at your disposal already within 3 business days, which must be considered quite fast. When you choose to borrow money online it is typically because you need them as soon as possible and therefore appreciates a quick treatment. My loan responds quickly to your loan application and pays the loan immediately after approval. We can therefore only give this loan our warmest recommendations here at

Benefits of My Loan

If you have borrowed money from My Loan and later find out that you could use more, there are still hopes ahead. There is the possibility of increasing the loan on the basis of a new loan application and credit rating. It is also possible to redeem your loan whenever you wish. This can even be done without having to pay any fees in that context.

Visit My Loan now to read more and apply to borrow money for just what you want.